Lucian finally shares his past heartache and guilt with Lia. Free of the shadows that have haunted them, they are ready to move forward together.

The woman who destroyed Lucian’s life eight years ago is suddenly free. Lucian is in a frantic race against time to convince those around him that Cassie is
the ultimate threat to all that he holds dear. He’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves even if he has to wage a war against his best friend to do it.


  1. Do you have a release date for this yet? I can not wait.

  2. Angie swann

    What month will this last book be released? I am bitting my nails waiting for it . This is the best series i have read in a long time . Thank yu Angie swann

  3. Have finished reading Pierced and Fractured. I have fallen in love with the characters Lia and Lucian. Can’t wait to read Mended!!! Hope it comes out real soon!!!

  4. Robbin Wilson

    I really enjoyed reading your novels…..I’m looking forward to the tees of Lucian and Lia

  5. Lynnette

    HUGE fan! was wondering when I’ll be able to pre-order “Mended”???

  6. Lizette Rosado

    Looking forward to this . I’ve read and reread the first too .

  7. Jeri Dewberry-Anderson

    I cannot wait to read Mended! Lucian and Lia are my favorite people. I’m so exited to see where their sorry goes.

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    Barbara Lefebvre.

  9. Brandy Miller

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  10. As someone who is attempting to up her writing skill, hot damn Sydney Landon, you’ve quickly turned into a master of your craft. I started with “No Denying You” and continued on with your enthralling stories, and got irritated at the delay between Danvers novels with the Lucian and Lia books. THEN I decided to “try” the first novel, found myself finishing the second and am now (this was all yesterday after work) waiting for the next in the Lucian and Lia story like a kid going to Disneyland. The craft in these novellas have such a great flow to them, the characters jump off the page and the love story isn’t fairy tale–it’s REAL depiction of couple falling in love and trying to fight for their relationship.

    So excited for this next installment, I’ll be eagerly waiting on the one click page on Amazon as soon as it come out.